Shielded Clothing, Comfortable and Protective!

The Benefits of RF Shielded Garments!

Shielded Clothing, Comfortable and Protective!

Shielded Clothing, Comfortable and Protective!  As winter arrives, comfortable clothing is important!  Shop VTT is selling a new line of loungewear.  This loungewear has a good feel against the skin, both warm and soft.   The presence of silver in the fabric is very important.  Silver is the most thermally conductive element.  This clothing will eliminate “hot spots” and “cold spots”.  Silver distributes the natural heat of the body over the whole garment.  This electrically conductive fabric increases circulation in the human body.  This feature gives you energy when you feel tired.

Shielded Clothing, Comfortable and Protective!  The comfort of these fabrics is complemented by its protection!  Silver is often used in “Shielding Materials” to block RF/EMI waves.  This clothing reduces RF radiation exposure to the body areas it covers.  This RF/EMI Radiation is present in our natural environment.  It is also generated in our work environment by electronic devices.  These garments are especially of interest in the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) community.  Please see our Blog “The Top Five Reasons to wear anti-radiation Clothing!” for more information.

Shielded Clothing, Comfortable and Protective!  Mary Purvee has designed stylish RF/EMI shielded lounging garments this year.   The Shop VTT line of RF Shielded Clothing includes:

  • Silverell Anti E-Smog- Tops, Long John Pants, Unisex Long Sleeve Hooded Tops, Hooded Tunics, Unisex Long Sleeve Shirts, Unisex Pants, Tulle Infinity Scarf, Infinity Scarf, Leggings, Sweat Pant with Pockets, Short Sleeve T-Shirt.
  • Silverell Anti E-Smog- Cape with Hood, Zip Front Sweatshirt

Please visit our Shop VTT Site for your winter comfort wear!

While you’re there, check out the Home Shield area of the site.  There are many ways to shield your house from RFI/EMI!  These include:  window coverings, bedding, and metalized wall paper.  Many of these  items can be homemade using our metalized textiles and fabrics!  We look forward to serving your home shielding needs!

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