Digital Evidence must be Secure and Preserved in order to be Admissible!

Digital Evidence must be Secure and Preserved in order to be Admissible!

Digital Evidence must be Secure!  The wireless digital world has created a whole new landscape for criminals.  Inadvertently, criminals accidentally keep detailed records of their criminal activity in their electronic devices.  GPS keeps an accurate track of where the device or phone has been.  Oddly, Criminals feel that if their data is safe in these devices and that no one can get at it.  We are all aware that people can wirelessly access to sensitive information. That’s how hackers make living!  Among the first things seized by law enforcement when a search warrant is issued are digital devices, phones, computers, tablets, and PDAs.  Wireless devices are excellent sources of convincing evidence of criminal activity.

Digital Evidence must be Secure!  As we all know from the O. J. Simpson trial, evidence must be secured, preserved and protected and accounted for at all times after seizure.  If the “Chain of Custody” of the evidence after seizure is not intact, the evidence is VERY likely to be inadmissible in court.  Secure transportation of the wireless devices is smoothly accomplished using Evidence Pouches made of conductive textiles which block potential evidence tampering or destruction by wireless devices. The main rules concerning digital evidence are identification, preservation, collection, examination, analysis, and presentation in court.

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Digital Evidence must be Secure!  Upon arrival in the crime lab, the tight security continues.   The examination of the evidence takes place in an RF Shielded Enclosure or room.   Evidence preservation is first priority.  Analysis of files and locating areas of evidential interest is next.  Data is subject to analysis prior to its presentation in court.  These crucial steps protect the rights of the suspect and ensure the digital evidence is in excellent condition!

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