Developing a New Product? VTT can Help!

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Developing a New Product? VTT can Help!

Developing a New Product?  VTT can Help!  If your product requires metalized textiles, we’re here for you! V Technical Textiles, Inc. has access to the largest inventory of metalized textiles.  These include conductive fabrics, yarns and threads, and notions.  Product design is one of the cornerstones of our growth!  Our engineering and product development team can help from start to finish!

Developing a New Product?  VTT can Help!  We have a special relationship with the producer of metalized textiles.  We can give specific input to the fabric producer.  This results in using the right textile matching textile purpose to customer need.  Working with the right textile yields the best product!  It doesn’t end there, V Technical Textiles, Inc. can help with prototype design.  As the product is used, changes can be designed to improve it.  This assures that the customer is satisfied with the product.  The product grows better with time and adjustment!

Developing a New Product?  VTT can Help!  Metalized Textiles are used often in electronic devices.  These devices experience interference issues in a shared electronic environment.  Shielding solutions can be applied to achieve optimal device performance.  In today’s “smaller is better” world, metalized textiles rule.  Light weight and reduced profile are the hallmarks of these products.   Given their excellent Shielding Performance, engineers love these metalized textiles!

Developing a New Product?  VTT can Help!   Metalized textiles are terrific for use in the medical field.  They make excellent sensors of vital biometric information.  These products make remote assessment by health professionals a reality.  Depending on the sensing requirements, many conductive fabrics work well.  VTT can help you make the proper fabric selection for your need.

Developing a New Product?  VTT can Help!  “Smart” clothing is taking the stage!  In “smart clothing” wires are out and embroidered circuits are in!  Use of highly conductive yarns makes more comfortable and durable circuits in clothes.  Clothing is made of textiles, not wires!!  VTT can help guide you in this explosive growth area!  There are many options, let the leader in Conductive Fabrics help you!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. stands by to assist you in Product Development.  Please contact us if we can assist you with your product!

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