Do Conductive Textiles touch your Life?

Metalized Conductive Textiles Applications-Variety!

Do Conductive Textiles touch your Life?

Do Conductive Textiles touch your Life?  Most people will tell you that they don’t!  The fact is they touch most of our lives on a daily basis.  Go out and get in your car and turn it on without buckling your seat belt.  That is a conductive textile telling you that you need to protect yourself and your passengers by buckling your seatbelt.  The conductive spacer material has sensed that you are in your seat, but the seatbelt is not buckled.  The minute the seatbelt is latched, the alarm will stop.  Shielding materials made of conductive textiles will also allow many of the crucial electrical devices in your vehicle to work without being interfered with by the RFI and EMI released by every electronic device.

Seat belt Sensor

Do Conductive Textiles touch your Life?  When you are in a hospital attached to a monitoring system, the chances are that conductive textiles are monitoring your vital signs and transmitting information to the nursing staff.  If the body systems malfunction, an alarm alerts the staff and help will soon be on its way.  In other medical offices, electrodes made using conductive textiles stimulate nerves and muscles, helping restore their function after injury.

Conductive Textiles Sensor

Do Conductive Textiles touch your Life?  Security systems in homes and businesses activate alarms when doors or windows are open, sounding an alarm and warning people that their security is in danger.  Likewise, elder care facilities need to know quickly when a patient wanders away from the facility.  Home incarceration systems use sensors attached to the prisoner’s body to make sure they follow the conditions of their release.  It’s surprising how many items that touch and protect us daily in our life situations contain conductive textiles!

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