Shielding, More Important than Ever!

Shielding, More Important than Ever!

Shielding, more important than ever!  The number of electronic devices continues to increase.  Our dependence on these devices increases as well!  We actually NEED these devices for life’s “basic tasks”!  It is CRITICAL that these important devices work optimally.  The more electronics simultaneously in use at any time, the higher the probability of EMI/RFI  becomes.

We want our electronic devices smaller all the time!  This means more electronic components in tighter confines.   You see where I’m going with this, right?  We’re using higher frequencies in tighter quarters in today’s devices.  In these conditions, EMI/RFI becomes a greater threat to optimal performance.  We must design our devices for minimal interference susceptibility.

Shielding, more important than ever!  Shielding Solutions help to mitigate EMI/RFI.  Proper shielding involves the covering the device’s surfaces with conductive material.  This process stops the EMI/RFI from affecting the performance of device.  Conductive material completely surrounding the component, forms a Faraday Cage.  The Faraday Cage prevents an electromagnetic field from passing into its confines.  No electromagnetic field, and minimal interference makes for great performance!

I mentioned earlier that today’s devices are smaller than ever.  The Shielding must be kept small and lightweight.  Shielding allows the device to function well despite its small size and light weight.  VTT’s Solutions often involve use of lightweight conductive metalized textiles.  The light weight, Shielding Effectiveness and flexibility of conductive textiles make the engineers happy.   The Shielding Effectiveness of these fabrics is excellent!  Flexibility allows them to conform to small spaces.  Small size, great performance and light weight is what the customers want.   These Conductive Fabric solutions make engineers and customers happy!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest inventory of Conductive Fabrics and Notions.  Please visit our Shop VTT site for sampler catalogs that include samples of these fabrics and their specs and applications.  Contact us to discuss how metalized conductive fabrics can help you in product design!

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Shielding Fabric                        Shielding More Important than Ever                  Shielding More Important than Ever

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