Your RF Shielded Enclosure-Custom-Made!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Benefits Abound!

Your RF Shielded Enclosure-Custom-Made!

Your RF Shielded Enclosure-Custom-Made!  Almost every electronic device under production is unique!  They all have one thing in common-they must pass EMC Final Compliance Testing prior to marketing them!  The EMC Compliance Testing is based on different classes of accepted standards.  The standards vary for each class of device.  EMC Testing takes place in RF Shielded enclosures with low ambient levels of RF present.  During EMC testing, devices are evaluated for the amount of RF radiation that they can perform optimally in.  Additionally, they are subject to evaluation of RF Emissions that they emit while working.  The goal is to assure that the device can work optimally in a standard environment at the same time not emitting radiation above standard levels.

Your RF Shielded Enclosure-Custom Made!  The RF Shielded Enclosure you chose should be custom-made to meet the needs for testing your device.  Size of the enclosure, Shielding Effectiveness of the Enclosure, Input/Output options, ventilation, and lighting are all factors in designing the ideal RF Shielded Enclosure to meet your testing needs!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. is the world leader in design and production of soft sided EMC Testing Enclosures.   Though VTT has a few “standard” enclosures, most of our enclosures are custom-made using conductive textiles with a variety of available options.  

Your RF Shielded Enclosure-Custom-Made!  An RF Shielded Enclosure is ideal for use during product development.  Likewise, EMC testing early and often in your facility during product development saves time and money, avoiding costly “back tracking” through several steps to find and correct errors.  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing is a best-practice method to prepare your device for Final EMC Compliance Testing at a certified testing facility!  Contact us to design your custom-made RF Shielded Enclosure!

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