EMC Testing made easy, VTT has an EMC Testing Enclosure for You!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-many Benefits!

EMC Testing made easy, VTT has an EMC Testing Enclosure for You!

EMC Testing made easy!  EMC testing used to be difficult in many ways.  The Certified Testing Facilities were few and far between.  Testing schedules were full, and the testing was expensive.  Unfortunately, all of the above-mentioned conditions are still true.  The advent of portable EMC Testing Enclosures eased things.  Pre-Compliance testing can now be accomplished in your own facility!  Testing can also be done “early and often” during development!   This Pre-Compliance testing allows EMC problems to be corrected BEFORE they become major!  EMC problem mitigation done at your facility saves resources.  It saves the time and cost of transportation and testing!  The testing enclosure is located in your own facility!

EMC Testing consists of three types of tests:

  1. Emission Testing– The Device Under Testing (DUT) is tested for its electromagnetic emissions.  These emissions must be within the range allowable standards.  Results outside the standard require application of a Shielding Solution.  The shielding solution blocks unacceptable emissions from the DUT.
  2. Susceptibility Testing– The DUT is tested to ensure that it will work optimally in its environment.   Failure of this test requires a Shielding Solution.  This solution blocks interference to allow optimal device performance.
  3. Immunity Testing– The DUT is tested for its response to various electromagnetic phenomena.  Failure of this testing requires a Shielding Solution.  The Shielding Solution will make the DUT “immune” to interference.

EMC Testing made easy, VTT has an RF Shielded Enclosure for you!  Pre-Compliance testing is done in RF Shielded Enclosures.  Once Pre-Compliance testing is done, the Final Compliance test is usually an “easy pass” event.

EMC Testing made Easy

Our enclosures provide the low-ambient RF environment necessary for accurate EMC Testing.  Their light weight makes them extremely portable. The conductive textiles used to fabricate the enclosures give them their electrical properties.  Enclosures are available in a wide range of Shielding Capabilities.   Most of our enclosures are custom designed to suit our customer’s specific needs.   Contact us if you want to save money and time in product development!

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