EMC Compliance Test-Prepare your Product!

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EMC Compliance Test-Prepare your Product!

EMC Compliance Test-Prepare your Product!  Every electronic device must pass EMC Compliance tests in order to be marketed.  Preparing your product for this should be done from the start of the product’s development until it is complete.  The best way to be ready for this test is to test the device early and often during product development.  Running an EMC Pre Compliance test at each crucial step allows discovery and correction of issues along the way.  Obviously, this stepwise process is far more efficient than finding the device doesn’t pass at the end of development.  This necessitates having to tediously “backtrack” and essentially “starting over” when it could have been avoided.

EMC Compliance Test-Prepare your Product!  Pre-Compliance testing can be conducted in your own facility, saving time and money during development!   The testing is done in an RF Shielded Enclosure, fabricated of conductive textiles, which provides the low-ambient RF environment required for testing.  Additionally, Antennas, a real time Spectrum Analyzer, Preamplifier, Antenna Tripod, cables, and a turntable are required.  This equipment can be purchased or leased.   There are three “basic tests”;

  • Emission Testing-This test determines whether the amount of RFI emitted is above or below the Applicable Standard.  Emission above the standard requires mitigation of this problem, often requiring a shielding solution to correct it.
  • Susceptibility Testing– This test determines whether the function of the Device Under Testing is adversely affected by “acceptable” RF interference.  Again, a shielding solution is often applied to correct this issue.
  • Immunity Testing– This test involves subjecting the Device Under Testing to various “electromagnetic phenomena” it will experience, if this adversely affects the device performance, it must be corrected.

If Pre-Compliance EMC testing is passed, your product has been “well prepared”!

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EMC Compliance Test-Prepare your Product!         VTT Shielded Enclosures        EMC Compliance Testing-Prepare your Product!

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