Steve Frierson Presents at EMC LIVE Automotive on 06/08/2021-Register for Free!

Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles

Steve Frierson Presents at EMC LIVE Automotive on 06/08/2021-Register for Free!

V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s Technical Consultant, Steve Frierson, presents at EMC LIVE Automotive on 06/08/2021 at 12 PM Eastern time.  His topic is “Automotive Testing Utilizing a Portable Vibrating Intrinsic Reverberation Chamber”.

Reverberation testing for EMC Compatibility has become a major test method in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Defense Sectors.

The EMC tests that the Reverberation Chamber is used for are:

  • Susceptibility Testing– This test determines whether the Device Under Testing (DUT) is susceptible to EMI that will be present in its working environment.  This is determined by operating the DUT and subjecting it to EMI that is up to the current standard and observing the performance of the DUT.
  • Emissions Testing– This test determines whether the DUT emits radiation within the standards allowed.  The DUT is operated and its RF Emissions are measured and checked against the standards.
  • Shielding Effectiveness– This test determines whether the vehicle is able to contain its RF emissions. This so they don’t “leak” RFI into the local environment.

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Steve’s background experience includes:  RF Shielding, conductive textiles, electrical engineering, EMI/EMC, product testing, and value added services.  With over 19 years of experience in product testing and shielding industries, Steve has worked on large and small projects all over the country, successfully implementing projects for NASA, 3M, UTC, Raytheon, and several other companies of all types and sizes throughout his career in the conductive textile industry.  His presentation will demonstrate how V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s unique portable RF Shielded Enclosures provide an ambient-free environment to facilitate Reverberation Testing of Automotive devices and vehicles.  Our portable Vibrating Intrinsic Reverberation Chamber (VIRC) provides the ultimate in performance, cost, and portability benefits for reverberation testing applications including CISPR-25 pre-compliance testing in house, streamlining the compliance testing process.

Steve Frierson presents at EMC LIVE Automotive, don’t miss it!

Please contact us for information on how our RF Shielded Testing Enclosures and Reverberation Chamber can help you with your in-house pre-compliance testing!

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