CDC Recommends all Americans Wear Masks when Out in Public

CDC Recommends all Americans Wear Masks when Out in Public

CDC  Recommends ALL Americans Wear Cloth Masks in Public

The CDC reversed course this weekend and now recommends that ALL Americans where a cloth face mask while out in public, as the COVID-19 has been determined to be spread by bioaerosols….read more.  The masks will help to prevent the egress of the virus by the person wearing to others in their area, likewise the masks and prevent the possible intake of droplets from others in their areas.  The reason that they are recommending the use of cloth face masks is that hospital grade face masks are made for one single use followed by disposal.

Logic Behind the CDC Recommendations

The major reason given for the public to be wearing cloth face masks at this time is that public purchasing and wearing of high-filtration masks will decrease the available supply of masks to medical personnel involved in the front-line treatment of patients actually infected with COVID-19.  The latest available information shows that a mask, ANY mask, worn by the rest of the population will help in slowing the spread of COVID-19….see more.

V Technical Textiles, Inc. is responding to the desperate need for face masks due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. The Pandemic has caused a huge demand for these very necessary pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the public, caregivers, and facilities. VTT is using its full service cut and sew facility to design and produce protective cloth face masks of a silver metalized textile in this time of national emergency.  This textile provides the added benefit of makes the mask itself a better physical barrier to inhalation or expulsion of droplets.  These masks are Washable (use mild detergent, with no chlorine-containing cleansers to preserve the antimicrobial features of the silver containing material), dryer safe (low temperature), Autoclavable, and reusable.  To see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cloth face masks in general, read more.

Cloth Face Masks now Available to the Public from VTT

These masks are now available to the public from V Technical Textiles, Inc. at our online store.  To be directed to the mask section of our online storeclick here.  Please be aware that for every mask purchased, V Technical Textiles, Inc. will donate a mask to health care professionals working in hospitals. 

If you prefer to make your masks yourself, we are also able to provide the same silver containing fabric allowing you to custom-fabricate your own mask.  Please contact V Technical Textiles, Inc. to find out more about our face masks and obtaining fabric to make them yourself!  Thank you and stay safe!

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