RF Shielded Faraday Bags and Pouches, use Military Grade Technology to Protect Sensitive Digital Information Stored on your Electronic Devices!!

Faraday Pouches-Safeguarding your Data in a Wireless World!

RF Shielded Faraday Bags and Pouches, use Military Grade Technology to Protect Sensitive Digital Information Stored on your Electronic Devices!!

For years, the Military, the Police, and the Government agencies have been aware of the need to secure sensitive information and communication equipment such as phones and computers, that can be accessed by WiFi or other wireless means.  Whether it was done by use of a specialized room called a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF, pronounced “skiff”), or by placing the devices in Faraday Bags and Pouches.  In the legal system, it is commonplace for computers, phones, and other electronic devices to be seized when an arrest is made, so that the potential electronic evidence present in these devices can be evaluated in the Crime Lab.  It is the responsibility of the police to preserve the integrity of the information contained on these devices while the devices are in their custody.  Criminals often have “back door” access built into their devices so that they can access, alter, erase or otherwise compromise information stored on the device from a remote location in the event of loss or compromise of the device.  The Faraday Pouch will stop RF/WiFi access to the device while it is “in the bag”, ensuring that the “chain of custody” of the electronic evidence remains intact and that the evidence is not tampered with while in police custody.  The name “Faraday Cage” comes from the scientist, Michael Faraday, who invented it in 1836.

These bags and pouches are made of conductive metalized textiles, which are able to block electromagnetic fields, distributing the charge or radiation around the exterior of the “cage”, cancelling the radiation or charge inside the “cage” and blocking electromagnetic signals from entering or leaving the “cage”.  Inside a pouch or bag of this type, WiFi and cellular signals are useless.  This “conductive cage” will stop the penetration of energy and radio waves, protecting the device that is in the cage, whether it be a cell phone, WiFi computer, a key fob for remote communication with a car, a credit card containing a chip that is read with near field communication radio waves to make an electronic transaction occur, earbuds that connect to a Bluetooth device, and even smart shoes that connect with a step recording device, rendering it “electronically invisible” while it is in the confines of the Faraday Cage.

As of this publication, electronic car Key Fob technology along with Credit Cards is in the process of changing, the goal being to make the key fobs and credit cards “smarter” with the advent of a “one time specific code” being sent to the credit card scanner or car lock receiver to approve a transaction that can’t be used to make any other future purchases with the card or opening the car.  The constant game between criminals and electronic security is “always afoot” as Sherlock Holmes would say!

Knowing that this digital information is often vulnerable, the importance of Faraday Bags and Pouches is immediately apparent.  If our devices are able to be accessed and contacted with transmitters, there is certainly a risk of having a “hacker” being able to access the same device once they capture the signal that operates it.  Our phones and computers, contain our contacts, our passwords, personal information and much more private information that we wouldn’t want leaked into the wrong hands.  The criminal of today spends his time figuring out ways to access information that individuals prefer to have very securely protected, allowing the nightmare of identity theft to be realized and exploited, causing loss of privacy, money, sensitive information, location information, along with possible extortion attempts.  The risks to a person traveling with a business computer or device are essentially the same with theft of trade secrets, accounts, and client information that could be accessed and stolen.

In order to prevent theft of the information stored on these devices, the devices can be placed in the Faraday Pouch or bag, once the bag is closed and sealed, the device will disappear from the RF Map, becoming invisible to someone using an RF or WiFi device who is trying to locate or access the device.  Some of the bags are also designed with “RF Shielded windows” in them, allowing the device to be used in the pouch or bag, as long as it is connected via a “hardwire cable” connection to the internet that passes through a shielded bulkhead in the pouch or bag.  The same type of Faraday key fob cover can also be placed over the key fob to prevent stealing of the fob signal when using the key to lock and unlock the car from a distance in areas where the there is a chance of the signal being intercepted and retained by a nearby criminal while the car is being locked and then used to gain access to the car once the owner leaves the area.

Faraday Pouches and Bags are relatively inexpensive methods to protect our electronic devices from information tampering and theft while they are not in use.  VTT makes a variety of these Pouches and Bags for use in Military, Police, Government, Business and Private Sectors.  These pouches and bags can help protect your sensitive information.  Please contact us for help in deciding which Pouch or Bag is right for your use!

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