Wearing “Healthy Clothing” can be Both Stylish and Good for You!

Silverell is Comfy

Wearing “Healthy Clothing” can be Both Stylish and Good for You!

                                                         Do You Have Any of these Symptoms?

              • Fatigue
              • Depression
              • Hot Flashes/Cold Sweats
              • Sensitive Skin/Rashes
              • Circulatory Issues
              • Recent Surgery

Check our Silverell® Garments and Accessories!  All of our garments are made of fabrics with a high content of Silver.  Silver’s antibacterial and antimicrobial effects have long been recognized in the medical field!  Its silver content helps the body to regulate temperature by conducting the body heat evenly through the garment.  The soothing effect of silver on skin irritations, rashes, and wounds (shingles, poison ivy, sores) is well known.  The fabric is also available custom cut in a “wrap” form for “surgical wound/bandage” or custom fit for “amputation stump” coverage and odor limitation.  These clothes make excellent workout clothing and are made of our “super soft” fabrics for maximum comfort!

In addition to the properties listed above, these materials based on their Silver content, have the ability to protect the wearer from the “E-Smog” (radio waves, electrical lines, cellular towers, microwaves, and natural wave energy) that surrounds us all in this “RF emitting device rich world”.  Though there has been no real establishment of the risk of RF to human beings, some people are very susceptible to having health issues thought to be caused by RF.  This clothing can give up to 99% shielding effectiveness against RF (Radio Frequency Radiation), blocking it and protecting you, your family, and friends from this E-Smog.

Our clothing line consists of:  Hoodies (Pullover and Zipped), Hooded Tees, Hooded Scarves, Beanies/Skull Caps, T-Shirts (Long and Short Sleeve), Tank Tops, Boxers, Panties, Sports Bras, Long John Sets, Loungewear, Sleepwear, Cuffed Leggings, Gloves, and Socks.  Contact us and see how great “Healthy Clothing” can be!

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