What is Conductive Velcro? What is Conductive Velcro used for?

Conductive Velcro-Static Management and Switches!

What is Conductive Velcro? What is Conductive Velcro used for?

What is Conductive Velcro?

What is Conductive Velcro and How is it used?  Conductive Hook and Loop is the same product that we all know as Velcro, the only difference being is that it is made electrically conductive by coating the small hooks and loops that make it up with a conductive metal.  The conductive metal used in Shieldex® Conductive Hook and Loop is 99% pure Silver.  Silver is the best metal conductor of electricity.

What is Conductive Hook and Loop used for?

Conductive Velcro is used as a “conductive fastener” in many ways.  It can actually create a “shielded door seal” in RF Shielded testing enclosures, eliminating the ambient noise from the enclosure.  The conductive part of the Hook and Loop makes it a great electric switch.  When Conductive Hook and Loop isn’t meshed, the circuit is “open”, when it’s meshed, the circuit is “closed”, allowing current to flow.  This works well in lighted clothing to provide visibility of workers, walkers, and even dog collars in low-light situations.  It can also close a circuit from a sensor to a recording device, allowing data to be transmitted.  Conductive Hook and Loop is also used in “smart clothing” in many ways, including power distribution and data transmission.

This material is used in Shielding Applications, to help achieve Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC).  To this end, material is valuable in RF Shielded Testing Enclosures for testing of emission and susceptibility, or even as part of a shielding solution.

This material can also be used by Military or Police agencies in keeping communications and sensitive data secure.  Conductive Hook and Loop also provides the closing/sealing method for Faraday Pouches, used by law enforcement to transport electronic evidence from the point of seizure to the lab where the device will be examined.  Hook and Loop is durable, capable of keeping its conductivity for 500 cycles.  It can even protect people or equipment from high intensity electromagnetic fields by acting as grounding strips.  The uses of this amazing material are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Please feel free to contact us regarding Shieldex® Hook and Loop.  It is provided in three widths 16mm 5/8″, 30mm 1/2″, and 50mm 1″ depending on the surface area that you need.

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