Military uses for Conductive Textiles!

Coatings Enhance Metalized Textiles in many ways!

Military uses for Conductive Textiles!

Military uses for Conductive Textiles!  The Department of Defense has many uses for Conductive Textiles.  Obviously, the military has many sophisticated electronic devices in their vehicles, whether planes, tanks, or boats.  The lives of the soldiers depend on these devices working smoothly without any interference from RFI or EMI.  Proper RF Shielding allows these devices to work together efficiently in a shared electromagnetic environment.  Conductive textiles are the best shielding materials for vehicles due to their light weight and flexibility. These features increase fuel efficiency and space management in the tight quarters of these highly specialized vehicles.

Military uses for Conductive Textiles!  In addition to RF Shielding, communications systems are very important to our troops.  Secure mobile command centers keep communications free from eavesdropping by outsiders.  The command centers must be mobile and able to withstand the elements and ocean spray.  Accordingly, conductive textiles, once relegated to indoor use due to their thinness and fragile nature have become “rugged” by the use of special coatings.  The coatings protect the integrity of the textiles, keeping them safe from puncture and damage by the elements.  The “fluid” condition in a battlefield dictates mobility and ruggedness as operations proceed.

Military uses for Conductive Textiles!  The most important use of conductive textiles is protecting and coordinating of troops on the ground.  Smart uniforms monitor the vital signs of a soldier by using sensors built into the uniform.  By sensing blood, additional sensors determine if a soldier has a wound.  Communication is possible using antennas and microphones incorporated in the uniform, keeping the soldiers in constant touch with each other.  GPS capability allows battlefield coordinators in the command center to communicate the soldiers, positioning them safely as the battle progresses.

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Military uses for Conductive Textiles!                Military Uses for Conductive Textiles!              Military uses for Conductive Textiles!

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