Rugged Conditions Require Ruggedized Textiles!

Rugged Conditions

Rugged Conditions Require Ruggedized Textiles!

Rugged Conditions Require Ruggedized Textiles!  RF Shielded Enclosures are usually located indoors, protecting them from the elements.  The thin conductive textiles used to manufacture enclosures can’t stand up well unprotected in extreme conditions.  Wind, rain, and ocean spray can damage or destroy the enclosures very quickly.  The military and law enforcement often need command centers for their activities to be portable and able to stand up to tough conditions.  Lives are at stake in these harsh environments as well as calm environments.  In 2021, the Seaman Corporation of Wooster, Ohio and V Technical Textiles, Inc. of Palmyra, New York finalized development of a “Ruggedized” conductive textile.

Rugged Conditions Require Ruggedized Textiles!  The Seaman Corporation has long been a world leader in innovative, high-performance coated textiles.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest selection of electrically conductive textiles, yarns, and fasteners.  Seaman Corporation developed a special PVC coating for several of V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s textiles.  This coating protects the textiles from puncture, tears, UV, and routine wear, while simultaneously preserving the electrical characteristics of the conductive textile.  The introduction of Shelter-Rite® RF allowed the use of conductive textiles where they were never able to be used before!

Rugged Conditions Require Ruggedized Textiles!  External Architectural Shielding became possible, allowing covering the outside of buildings with conductive textiles, creating RF secure structures.  Additionally, evaluation, repairs and use of sensitive electronics could be accomplished outdoors in conditions never before possible.  Teamwork between two businesses with different strengths allowed this project to succeed.

Rugged conditions Require Ruggedized Textiles!  Shelter-Rite® RF can be used in many ways including:

  • Automotive Test Chambers
  • Aerospace Cleanrooms
  • Warehouse RFID Curtains
Rugged Conditions Require Rugged Textiles!
Photograph Courtesy of Seaman Corporation

If you are interested in the Shelter-Rite® RF™ line of protectively coated conductive textiles, please contact Sue Uhler, Senior Sales Engineer for Seaman Corporation.  Sue may be reached at or (330)-202-4471.

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Rugged Conditions Require Rugged Textiles                  Rough Conditions                   Rugged Condition Require Rugged Textiles

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    […] conductive textiles, once relegated to indoor use due to their thinness and fragile nature have become “rugged” by the use of special coatings.  The coatings protect the integrity of the textiles, keeping them safe from puncture and damage […]

    February 22, 2023 at 2:32 pm

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