Resistance Heating-great in Winter!

Metalized Conductive Textile Applications!

Resistance Heating-great in Winter!

Resistance Heating-great in Winter!  Winter is here!  This is the time of the year when Resistance heating is useful in many situations.  In the automotive field, resistance heating comes into play in three areas.  Heated seats, steering wheels, make us very comfortable, keeping our extremities, backs and posteriors warm.  Rear windows and heated mirrors are often cleared of frost and cloudiness with conductive heat, increasing our vision.  Resistance heating involves using the resistance of metal to quickly convert electrical energy into thermal energy, keeping us safe and comfortable.

Resistance Heating-great in Winter!  Hunters, skiers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts have many methods of applying resistance heating.  These include heated jackets, gloves and mittens, boots and socks, and cushions to sit on to name a few.  Outdoor users do have some issues surrounding the availability of electric energy sources to power their heaters.  Batteries tend to be the biggest area of concern, those concerns being charge life (four to eight hours at best!), battery durability, temperature ranges and speed of warming along with charge time to name a few.  Durability of the heating system is the other main concern.  The higher estimates seem to be around 50 wash cycles.

Resistance Heating-great in Winter!  Resistance heating still works using conductive textiles or thin metal wires spread in a network that warm due to the resistance of the metal.  The key issue is to keep the heating system intact, preventing the conductive material from developing stress fractures and cracks due to constant flexing, stopping the current, which also means stopping the heat!  It is also important to wear base layers under the heated clothing except mittens and gloves in order to prevent burns!  Enjoy the comfort of resistance heat!

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Resisttance Heating-great in Winter!          Resistance Heating-great in Winter!         Resisttance Heating-great in Winter!

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