Shielding Electronic Vehicles, RFI Challenges coming!

Electric Vehicles Developmental Growing Pains

Shielding Electronic Vehicles, RFI Challenges coming!

Shielding Electronic Vehicles, RFI Challenges coming!  Electronic Vehicles (EVs) are coming, get ready for them!  EVs are an answer to reduce the world’s “carbon footprint” problem.  Currently, the U.S. Government plans make all of its fleet EVs by 2035.  The Biden Administration wants 50% of vehicles sold in 2030 to be EVs.  New York has ordered all new passenger cars and light trucks be Zero Emission by 2035.  Electronic vehicles will have more electronics than ever in the vehicle’s “electronic environment”.  This means that RF/EMI Shielding will become more important than ever!

Shielding Electronic Vehicles, RFI Challenges coming!  Electric Vehicles are engineered with extensive sensing equipment.  This equipment provides, self-driving potential, efficient traffic management, and safety features.  This technology relies on RF and other EMI communication devices.  More electronic components means more RFI/EMI present in the vehicle.  This RFI in a small work environment can lead to “crosstalk”.  This crosstalk is “distracting” to the components, decreasing functionality.  Left unchecked, crosstalk can lead to system malfunctions and failures.

Shielding Electronic Vehicles, RFI Challenges coming!  Shielding has been used in automobiles for years.  Originally, shielding was used to eliminate static on the radio.  Today, it is used to protect many systems that provide safety and performance.  The cables to and from the battery, engine and charger have huge magnetic fields.  This is called “inside interference”.  “Outside interference” stems from interference sources outside the vehicle.  One of the greatest sources of outside interference is the EV charging stations.  This is especially true in the case of wireless charging stations.  There are many areas inside the EV that need shielding.

Shielding Electronic Vehicles, RFI Challenges coming!  In the automotive world, some of the best Shielding Materials are conductive metal textiles.   Engineers love the light weight, thinness, and flexibility of fabric!  In automobiles, space and weight are ALWAYS issues.  These fabrics can be wrapped tightly to provide excellent Shielding Effectiveness.  Conductive textiles can be laminated to surfaces, creating “shielded compartments”.

Conductive textiles will play a large role in EV shielding.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest selection of conductive textiles.  Please call Chris Cook (315)-597-1674 x 201 to discuss your shielding needs.  A Fabric Swatch Kit/Catalog is available to learn more about conductive textiles.

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