Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!

RF Shielded Enclosures-Great Testing!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!  Developing a new product?  Build EMC into your device by testing it regularly during the development process.  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing during development helps you locate and correct EMC issues at home in your facility. This spares you the time and expense of testing at a registered compliance lab.  An RF Shielded EMC Enclosure provides the low ambient RF level necessary to test your product for emissions, susceptibility, and immunity.  The equipment required to do your own testing consists of a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, Antennas and cables, a Preamplifier, a turntable, and the proper EMC testing software for your device.

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!  Emissions testing determines if the RF emissions from your device are at or below the acceptable limit for your device type.  Susceptibility testing determines if your device is able to function optimally in a “standard” electromagnetic environment.  Immunity testing determines if your device is immune to certain “electromagnetic phenomena”.   Electromagnetic phenomena includes: Magnetic Fields, Voltage Drop, Surge immunity, Conducted immunity, Radiated Immunity, ESD Testing, and EFT Testing.  All of  these tests require the RF Quiet environment of an RF Shielded Enclosure for accurate results.

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-worth the Time!  Doing your own testing and corrections saves you multiple trips to the compliance testing center.  The benefits of Pre-Compliance Testing are well documented.  The beauty of the RF Shielded Enclosure lies in its portability and ability to take it down and store it when it’s not in use.  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing early and often during development drastically increases the odds of passing final compliance testing on the first try.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this very useful product development tool!

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Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!           Pre-Compliance Testing-Worth the Time!        Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-Worth the Time!

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