Smart Product Development, Think EMC from the Start!

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Smart Product Development, Think EMC from the Start!

Smart Product Development, Think EMC from the Start!  Developing a new electronic product is challenging.  There are many components in most devices.  These components must work together in a shared electronic environment.  This environment must allow all components to function optimally TOGETHER.  EMC is obtained by fine tuning the components during development.  A coach develops a team, making sure plays work in training before the big game.  The coaches work with each player, making sure they can execute their job flawlessly.  Product development should be approached in the same fashion.  EMC testing should be done during each step during product development.  It is not advisable to delay EMC testing until Final Compliance testing!  A coach doesn’t wait until the Super Bowl to design plays!  EMC Pre-Compliance testing should be done throughout product development.

EMC testing typically involves three tests:  Emissions, Susceptibility, and Immunity.  Emission Testing involves assuring the component is emitting RF at or below acceptable levels.  If the component is “emitting”, a “shielding solution” will be necessary for compliance.  Susceptibility Testing involves assuring the device functions well in an acceptable RF environment.  If the device is “susceptible” to acceptable RF levels, a “shielding solution” will be necessary.  Immunity Testing makes sure that the device is running ideally in its RF Environment.  If it isn’t immune, a “shielding solution” will correct this issue.

Smart Product Development, think EMC from the Start!  Pre-Compliance EMC testing can be done in your facility!  Doing it yourself saves time and money!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. is the world leader in portable RF Shielded Testing Enclosures!  These enclosures provide the ideal low ambient conditions for EMC Testing!  They’re lightweight and made of metalized conductive textiles, providing excellent shielding. You can do your EMC testing on your schedule, not the lab’s!  When done early and often during development, EMC issues can be avoided.  This allows “constant evolutional correction” of your device during development!  Evolution is much better than starting over from scratch!  These testing enclosures are easily stored when testing is done!   Performing Pre-Compliance testing often makes Final Compliance testing “a one and done event”!  Contact V Technical Textiles, Inc. today to start Smart Product Development!

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