Reverberation Chambers Two Styles, One Great EMC Testing Method!

Pre-Compliance EMC Testing-many Benefits!

Reverberation Chambers Two Styles, One Great EMC Testing Method!

Reverberation Chambers, Two Styles, one Great EMC Testing Method!  EMC Testing is typically done in metal lined testing chambers.  The metal blocks any exterior RF noise from entering the testing chamber, interfering with the EMC testing that you are performing.  It’s just the Device Under Testing (DUT) and the applied frequencies that are used in the test.  The problem is, the metal that keeps the “ambient noise out” allows reflection of the testing frequencies off the inside walls of the chamber.  It can cause both “destructive interference” or “constructive interference” by attenuating or amplifying the signals being monitored by the test.

Reverberation Chambers use a frequency tuner, vibration of the chamber walls, or paddle/stirrer mechanisms to maximize the RF signals that are injected into the testing chamber.  Since there is no absorber present, smaller wattage RF amplifiers can be used to generate high strength homogenous electromagnetic fields inside the Reverberation Chamber with only moderate power input.  The metalized construction can easily handle the high field strengths that are necessary to test automotive, military, and aerospace devices for RF Emission, RF Susceptibility, and Shielding Effectiveness.   Another advantage of the Reverberation Chamber is that the DUT does not have to be shifted in position due to the randomly varying wave polarization, which allows “painting” of all sides of the DUT without physically moving the DUT.  It also creates more room in the chamber for the test systems and devices.

Reverberation Chambers, two styles, one great EMC Testing method!

  • The Classic Reverberation Chamber is a traditional permanent room used exclusively for EMC Testing, constructed at the company site, allowing the company to perform Pre-Compliance & Compliance EMC/EMI Testing in house.
  • V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s Reverberation Chamber is a portable, soft-sided EMC Testing Enclosure fabricated with lightweight conductive textiles that allows performance of the same type of testing, but with the added ability to take down the Reverberation Chamber when it is not in use, freeing the space to be used for other uses.

If a Reverberation Chamber sounds like a good solution for your EMC testing, please contact us for help in deciding which type of Reverberation Chamber fits your specific needs.

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