Considering Having an EMI/RF Testing Enclosure Built?

Portable RF Shielded Enclosures-Great for Testing!

Considering Having an EMI/RF Testing Enclosure Built?

Considering Having an EMI/RF Testing Enclosure Built?  Before you Build, Consider these Points!

  • What is the cost of construction per cubic/square foot?
  • What is the lead time from start of construction to finished enclosure?
  • How many hours per year will you use the enclosure?
  • What performance standards do you need for testing?
  • Could you use this valuable space for other uses when not using it for testing?
  • How portable is the enclosure?

When you’ve considered all of the above questions, it might be time to consider a great alternative to the classic “Brick and Mortar” structure.  A portable, conductive based testing enclosure that can be taken down when not in use, allowing the space it occupies to be used for other purposes when it’s not needed for testing might be the answer to your space problem.  V Technical Textiles, Inc., the world’s leader in metalized fabric testing enclosures can design, fabricate, and deliver a work enclosure to solve your cost, timeline, and dedicated space issues.

This new technology provides a testing enclosure that is there for your use when you need it, and able to be easily dismantled when you don’t need it, and even taken elsewhere when the need for off-site testing arises or exists.  These lightweight Faraday Tents make the cumbersome legacy fixed structures obsolete!  The performance data on these enclosures must be seen to be believed!  If you’re willing to step “outside the box” to learn how this new technology can help you, contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your options!

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