Testing Electronic Devices for EMC, Try a Portable RF Shielded Enclosure!

RF Shielded Enclosure's Role in Technology!

Testing Electronic Devices for EMC, Try a Portable RF Shielded Enclosure!

Testing Electronic Devices for EMC, try a Portable RF Shielded Enclosure!

Testing Electronic Devices for EMC, try a Portable RF Shielded Enclosure! All electronic devices emit electromagnetic waves.  This is a fact of  life in the electronics industry.  Unfortunately, these electromagnetic waves can interfere with other electrical devices.  To avoid interfering with other components, emission standards have been developed.  In order for an electronic component to be sold, the component must conform with these standards.  It is smart business to test the components for emissions early and often in development.  That allows corrections to be made along the way, rather than having to backtrack to find the problems after the device fails at a testing center.

Testing Electronic Devices for EMC, try a Portable RF Shielded Enclosure!

A Portable RF Shielded Enclosure is an enclosure constructed using conductive fabric.  The inside of the RF Shielded Enclosure is relatively “ambient RF Free”.   Electromagnetic Radiation is not able to enter the Enclosure due to the “Faraday Cage Effect” noted by Michael Faraday in 1836.  This means that RFI present in the enclosure is either emitted from the  Device Under Testing (DUT) operating in the Enclosure, or from an antenna used as a testing agent.

Testing Electronic Components for EMC, try a Portable RF Shielded Enclosure!  EMC Testing usually involves three parts:

  1. Emissions– The type and amount of RF Emissions are subject to certain standards.  The device is run under normal conditions and the type of emissions are determined.  If the emissions are excessive compared to the standards, the device is determined an “emitter”.  The way of correcting this involves a shielding solution that blocks the unacceptable emissions from leaving the component.
  2. Susceptibility-The DUT must be able to operate normally in areas that contain acceptable RFI.  The DUT is placed in an RF Shielded Enclosure and subjected to “acceptable” RFI. If it can’t perform up to standards, the device is determined “susceptible”.  Again, a shielding solution must be applied that blocks the unacceptable RFI from affecting the device’s performance.
  3. Immunity-The DUT is operated in the RF Shielded Enclosure and challenged with RF Radiation up to and beyond the acceptable standards.  If the device is unaffected in performance, it is deemed “immune” to acceptable RFI.

Portable RF Testing Enclosures save time and money during electronic device development.  The testing can be done at the point of development, avoiding costly travel and external testing center fees.  The beauty of a Portable RF Shielded Enclosure lies in its light weight and portability.  It can be used for testing, taken down and stored, allowing precious space to be used as seen below.

Think of EMC testing in your own facility during development as “preparing for the final exam”, which should make the final compliance testing a routine event rather than a nerve wracking one!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. fabricates Portable RF Shielded Enclosures for use in EMC Testing and other purposes.    Though we have several standard sizes, most of our RF Shielded Enclosures are custom fabricated to our customer’s specific needs.  Our service after the sale is second to none!  Please Contact us for more information about our Portable RF Shielded Enclosures!

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