Who uses Conductive Metalized Textiles-Everyone!

RF Shielded Garments-what are their Applications?

Who uses Conductive Metalized Textiles-Everyone!

Who uses Conductive Metalized Textiles-Everyone!  Until I came to work at V Technical Textiles, Inc., I didn’t know anything about them.  Today, I am amazed at the number of ways metalized textiles are involved in our lives.  One of the first uses of them made it possible for me to listen to an FM radio in my car!  I recall FM radios seemed particularly sensitive to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and were not easy to listen to.  This due to radio placement in the dashboard of the car adjacent to the engine.  The engine incorporated spark plugs and other electrical devices in the engine compartment.  Electronic devices all create RFI.  The RFI interfered with the Radio broadcast, creating the static in the music.  Metalized textiles block the passage of RFI through them.  Once “Shielding” car radios from the ambient RFI in the engine compartment became a routine procedure, music could be heard clearly!

Who uses Conductive Metalized Textiles-Everyone!  There are many uses for metalized textiles.  For Example, metalized conductive textiles are useful as sensors, monitoring the vital signs of patients in the hospital or remotely.  People are “electronic devices” to a certain degree and these sensors monitor the electrical activity of the heart and the brain during diagnostic visits.  In the same way, metalized textiles are useful as electrodes to administer electronic energy to stimulate nerves and muscles during physical therapy.

Who uses Conductive Textiles-Everyone!  Our Military and Police use them for secure communications with command centers while working in the field.   Secure rooms, covered with conductive textiles, prevent electronic eavesdropping and tampering with digital information present on electronic devices.   Contact us if you feel you have a new way to use conductive textiles!!

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