Silverized Fabrics, Comfortable to Wear and Beneficial to Your Health as Well!!

Silverized Fabrics, Comfortable to Wear and Beneficial to Your Health as Well!!

V Technical Textiles, Inc. provides a line of clothing made with Silverized knits and fabrics.  These conductive metalized textiles make the clothing more comfortable, as the silver is a great conductor of heat.  This conductivity spreads the natural body heat that it absorbs throughout the surface of the garment, creating an even and balanced body temperature, lessening the presence of “hot spots and cold spots”, and making the wearer feel more comfortable.  This “balancing” of the body temperature increases circulation, which in turn gives you energy when you feel tired, and amplifies the comfort of the garment, making you feel relaxed.

Comfort isn’t the only benefit of our silverized knits and garments.   Silver has long been used as a dressing material for wounds and skin irritations, including burns.  It speeds up the healing process, reducing the swelling and itching caused by these irritations.  Silver makes the fabric mold and mildew resistant, which drastically reduces the bacterial odor.  This information should not be misconstrued to mean that this clothing prevents bacterial infection, but that it prevents odors and mildew caused by bacteria, which are present on skin.

One of the most important benefits of silverized garments is that they provide significant protection from Radio Frequency (RF) radiation that we are exposed to in our daily lives due to the ever-increasing number of electronic devices that emit this radiation (cell phones, WiFi Networks, computers, cell phone towers, microwave processors, etc.).  Our personal shielding and wellness garments have been tested to achieve an RF Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of 35-40 dB from 900 MHz -5 GHz, which means a 99.99% reduction of RF radiation to the wearer.

In recent years, a condition called Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity  (EHS) has been noted.  This syndrome may occur in some susceptible people due to personal exposure to RF radiation.  Repeated exposures result in sensitization and amplification of the symptoms.  EHS has many symptoms, including:  sleep disturbance, insomnia, headache, depression, tiredness/fatigue, lack of concentration, pain and itches, memory loss, and dizziness.   Our silverized garments do provide added protection to the covered areas of the body from RF radiation exposure as noted above and may ease the symptoms of this syndrome by preventing further RF exposure.

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