Wrapped Yarns-Three New Options!

Wrapped Yarns-Three New Options!

Wrapped Yarns-Three New Options!  Shieldex and Lederer GmbH are developing three new products.  Three types of conductive wrapped yarns are under development.  These products are:

  1. Wrapped Yarn dyed:  Silver plated yarns cannot be dyedColor can now be added by wrapping the dyed yarn with silver plated yarn.  The silver plated yarn is not directly affected by the dyed yarn.  This allows the plated yarn to maintain its electrical and thermal conductive properties.
  2. Wrapped Yarn Stretched: Using a very stretchable yarn as a core and wrapping it with plated yarn combines both characteristics.  The product is a stretchable plated yarn.
  3. Wrapped Yarn Coaxial:  Wrapping highly conductive Shieldex TPU yarn with a highly conductive yarn.  This provides insulation/shielding for the TPU core.  It is also possible to use the wrapping yarn as an independent conductor.  This allows the combination of two conductors in one yarn without a short circuit.

Wrapped Yarns-Three New Options!  Common Questions and Answers about wrapped Yarns are the following:

  • Is there a Minimum Order Quantity?  There is a minimum order quantity of 25 kg per yarn type.  If you need a small quantity for testing, Shieldex offers a maximum of 2 sample tubes of 200 g each.
  • How is the Wrapping Yarn Processed?  Processing of the wrapping yarns depends on the respective machines and materials that are used.  In general, the wrapping yarn can be processed via flat circular knitting, weaving mills, and warp knitting mills.
  • Which Materials can be Wrapped?  The materials to be wrapped can be all filament yarns made of polyamide (PA), polyester (PES), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) as well as all natural fibers.
  • What Colors are Available?  All colors are theoretically available.  Special colors need a template/swatch to be customized at the dyer.
  • What Properties must the Yarns to be Wrapped have?  The yarns to be wrapped must be between 50 dtex and 2,500 dtex.

Wrapped Yarns-Three New Options!  We’ve introduced you to an interesting new type of yarn.  If you are interested in more information please contact us or visit Shieldex where you can view this information and the preliminary data sheets!

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