Grounding Techniques-Essential in People and Electronics!

Grounding Techniques

Grounding Techniques-Essential in People and Electronics!

Grounding Techniques-Essential in People and Electronics!  Grounding in electronics is the process of directing excess electricity to the ground via a wire.  Likewise, grounding in people is directing Earth’s energy to people.  We all know people are truly “electronic devices” in a fashion.  We’ve all heard the term “grounded person” before.  Interestingly, that statement can be taken in several ways.  Many people practice Grounding/Earthing by being in direct contact with the earth.  In Health and Wellness areas, grounding allows the transfer of the Earth’s electrons from the ground to the body.  These electrons provide the same effect as antioxidants, reducing free radicals.  Benefits achieved by grounding are:  decreased pain and inflammation, improved sleep, and lowered stress.  20-30 minutes of grounding per day should be adequate.

Grounding Techniques-Essential in People and Electronics!  There are several different “camps” on grounding techniques.  Purists believe that the best grounding is bare feet on the ground.  Other groups believe that as long as one is in contact with something conductive and grounded, then the grounding is equally effective.  Many types of grounding aids such as socks, wristlets, mats are readily available.  Grounding aids are connected to electrical grounds.  Theoretically speaking, ALL of these methods provide true grounding.  Most groups use a combination of mindfulness and meditation along with grounding, striving for comprehensive wellness.

Grounding Techniques

Grounding Techniques-Essential in People and Electronics.  The combination techniques use true electrical grounding, combined with some psychological and spiritual methods to achieve the desired outcomes.  Often, VTT works with product developers, assuring that true grounding exists in their product.  All people can’t achieve outdoor grounding, as they may be homebound or immobile.  These conditions certainly do not prevent the individual from being grounded.  Our conductive fabrics provide grounding in many industrial applications.  Contact us to find out more about grounding/earthing uses for our products.  Our textiles provide great results for many successful companies, let us work with yours!

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Grounding Techniques                                                                Grounding Techniques

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