Personal Shielding-RF/EMI Shielding!

Personal/Home Shielding reduces EMI Exposure!

Personal Shielding-RF/EMI Shielding!

Personal Shielding-RF/EMI Shielding!  We tend to think of RF/EMI Shielding in the electronics industry.  RF/EMI can affect the function of electronic devices.  Interference can reduce the operational efficiency of electronic devices.  Human beings are also electronic devices.  Many body systems are electronic in nature, potentially disrupted by RF/EMI.  We live in a world with ever-increasing RF/EMI.  Some of this RF/EMI is from nature.  Natural RF/EMI includes lightning, solar magnetic storms, the auroras, and the Earth’s magnetic field.  The natural RF/EMI has been constant for years.  Most RF/EMI comes due to the increase in electric devices used today.  These sources include microwave ovens, Wifi, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, and many others.  Obviously, there is no end in sight for the increase of man-made RF/EMI.

Personal Shielding-RF/EMI Shielding!   The effect of RF/EMI on the human body varies from one person to another.  Most people seem completely unaffected by Electromagnetic Interference.  However, there have been claims of Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity, (EHS).  EHS is a clinical syndrome characterized by non-specific symptoms following exposure to RF/EMI.  Typical symptoms include neurological, cognitive, cardiovascular, circulatory, and integument issues.  The randomness and extent of the symptoms increase the debate on EHS‘s existence.  Frequently, final diagnosis and treatment of EHS is usually self-determined.

Personal Shielding-RF/EMI Shielding!  People who have determined that they have EHS typically try to decrease their exposure to RF/EMI.  This includes removing cordless telephones, WiFi, and fewer electronic devices in the home environment.  Exposure can be decreased by Architectural Shielding of the home.  This process is similar to shielding an electronic device.   Architectural Shielding involves using RF Shielded Wallpaper, curtains, and bedding.  The shielding material applied is often conductive metalized textiles.  These textiles block the passage of electromagnetic radiation and are also used in electronics shielding!

Personal Shielding-RF/EMI Shielding!  Shielded Garments are also a method to decrease personal exposure to RF/EMI.  These garments are made fabric knitted from metalized threads and yarns.  Silver is often the metal of choice as it the most conductive metal.  These garments will provide RF shielding effectiveness of 35-40 dB from 900MHz-5GHz.  This translates to 99.99% reduction of exposure to the areas covered.  The Silver also creates a very comfortable temperature for the wearer, its thermal conductivity eliminating hot and cold spots and stimulating circulation.  RF Shielded Garments are available at our online shopping site.  Please feel free to contact us regarding your need for conductive textiles used in Home Shielding and RF Shielded Garments!

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