Ideas to Reality-Product Design and Development!

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Ideas to Reality-Product Design and Development!

Ideas to Reality-Product Design and Development!  Products don’t just appear; they evolve from great ideas!  The path from idea to final product has many steps.  The first step is the idea, the cornerstone of the product.   A person conceives a better way to accomplish a task.  The challenge is to make the idea become a reality.  In many cases, the inventor is only a “dreamer”.  He has no idea of how to make his “dream” a reality.  Help often comes from engineers and experts in “think tanks”.  Today’s term for “think tank” is “Research and Development Group”.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has a Research and Development Group.  The group consists of some of the best textile engineers, chemists, and designers in the industry.

Ideas to Reality-Product Design and Development!  Our engineering and product development team meets with the inventor.  They have years of experience in EMC, RF, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering.  Combined with this, VTT has a special relationship with Shieldex.  Shieldex produces conductive fabrics, yarns, and threads.  VTT is involved with the design and creation of these textile products.  VTT’s team can design and create custom solutions for our customers.  This solution will meet the precise needs for their product.  The solution is unique, not a “carbon copy”.  Each solution is considered independently, as each challenge is unique.  These are definitely not “one solution fits all” situations!

Ideas to Reality-Product Design and Development!  Conductive fabrics are useful in many fields.  These uses include but are not limited to:

  1. RFI/EMI Shielding-Allowing electronic devices to perform optimally in shared electronic environments.
  2. Medical- As sensors for vital signs and electrodes to deliver current to tissues.
  3. Smart Clothing- As “wires/connections” to devices and components.
  4. Military and Law Enforcement- Securing Communications.
  5. Conductive Heating- For warmth in cold situation.
  6. Athletics- Training and monitoring.
  7. Shielded Garments- For EHS

Ideas to Reality-Product Design and Development!  These are just a few of the many uses for metalized Conductive Textiles.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has access to world’s largest standing inventory of conductive textiles.  VTT can do more than supply them!  Contact us if you require these amazing textiles for a product in development!

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