EMC-It’s all about the Environment!

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EMC-It’s all about the Environment!

EMC-It’s all about the Environment!  It’s terrific when people work smoothly together.  They focus on the job at hand and accomplish their tasks efficiently.  You feel their compatibility in the easy flow of their work!  It’s the same way with electric components working together in a shared environment.  Electronic devices emit electromagnetic interference naturally while working.  These natural emissions can negatively affect the overall functioning of the device.  EMC Final Compliance Testing is required for all electronic devices before marketing them.  There are EMC Standards that devices must conform to, so they don’t disrupt the electromagnetic work environment.

EMC-It’s all about the Environment!  The standards define the allowable limits of electromagnetic interference a device can emit in its working environment.  If the emissions exceed the acceptable limit, the device must be altered so its emissions are within the acceptable limit.  Usually, the alteration consists of “shielding” the device, preventing the unacceptable emissions from leaving the device and entering the shared environment.  Typically, shielding materials are conductive fabrics that block the passage of unacceptable wavelengths and frequencies into the working environment.  Engineers love metalized textiles for shielding due to their light weight, flexibility, and adaptability, making them excellent for shielding in tight spaces!

EMC-It’s all about the Environment!  Emissions aren’t the only issue.  Some devices are susceptible to RFI and EMI within an acceptable environment.  In this case, a shielding solution is also used to cover the device and block the interfering frequencies and wavelengths from decreasing the device’s performance.  Whether the solution is blocking offensive RFI and EMI from reaching the device or stopping the emissions that are above the EMC standard into the shared electromagnetic environment, it keeps all devices in the environment running smoothly!  Prepare your devices for optimum performance by calling VTT for your Shielding solutions!

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