What can Metalized Textiles do for You? Your Imagination is the only Limit!

Modern Applications of Conductive Metalized Textiles!

What can Metalized Textiles do for You? Your Imagination is the only Limit!

Since the founding of V Technical Textiles, Inc., it has been the world’s single largest distributor of electrically conductive fabrics and notions.  Many people have no idea what metalized textiles are used for.  When they first came out, metalized textiles were used largely in electrical manufacturing in the aerospace, automotive, electronics industries as ESD carpeting, EMI shielded gaskets and quickly evolved into shielding materials in electronic devices to stop RF Interference from affecting the proper function of these sensitive electronic components when they were working in a shared Electromagnetic environment.  The light weight and flexibility of these textiles made these fabrics ideal in portable applications, flight hardware, and in small devices where they are used for this function.

Governments and many corporations were able to use these metalized textiles for “Architectural Shielding” by coating rooms with the fabric, creating SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) which are rooms or suites used for secure governmental, diplomatic, business, and military communications that are protected from electronic eavesdropping by the outside world.

The medical sector has used sensors made of metalized textiles to monitor many of the body’s electrical functions, brain activity, heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen saturation.  These sensors can also be used to stimulate nerve and muscle endings.

Sports and Recreational Equipment Companies are able to use sensors in garments and equipment to give much of the same biofeedback that the medical sector collects along with the number of steps, and body position mapping measurements for technique training development.

The military has been able to use wearable technology based on metalized textiles to provide antennae for battlefield communications, troop position and health monitoring, and radiant heat producing clothing.

Law Enforcement uses these textiles in “electronic evidence pouches”, allowing them to keep phones and computers that they have seized as evidence in suspected criminal activity “electronically isolated” from those who may attempt to tamper with or destroy this evidence by WiFi means.

Many businesses fabricate and market RF Shielded Clothing, designed to block a significant amount of the ever-increasing “e-smog” present in our environment from reaching our bodies.

These metalized textiles are used in the production of lightweight, but very effective RF Shielding protective clothing for people who work in an “RF Heavy Environment” such as cellular transmission tower maintenance workers and 5G technicians.

This is a very fluid and fast-developing area in the textile business.   Please contact us if you have any interest or questions about potential uses of metalized textiles or shop now at our online store.

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