Visit Team Shieldex Booth #813 at IEEE International Symposium in Grand Rapids, MI

Visit Team Shieldex in Booth #813

Visit Team Shieldex Booth #813 at IEEE International Symposium in Grand Rapids, MI

Visit Team Shieldex at Booth #813!  Team shieldex from Bremen and Team shieldex-us will be exhibiting together again at the IEEE International Symposium on Signal Integrity and Power Integrity in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 07/31-08/04.  Our companies are very focused on RF Shielding and Electronics Testing.  Many of our products work toward ensuring that Electromagnetic Compatibility is achievable throughout the electronics field.  Stop by Booth #813 and meet Shawn DeCook, Stefan Harms, and Thomas Santelli to learn about conductive metalized textiles and the myriad of products that they make possible.  The main reason we are at the IEEE meeting is to discuss our role in achieving electromagnetic compatibility.

Visit Team Shieldex at Booth #813!  It is truly amazing how many uses there are for our metalized textiles!  Our Research and development departments are terrific in solving your problems in EMC, security, and inventory management.  Our benefit is our flexibility with our metalized fabric testing enclosures being lightweight, portable, and designed to meet our customer’s specific needs.  Likewise, our metalized fabric shielding materials are a design engineer’s dream, lightweight, flexible, and easy to adapt in tight environments.  They combine unparalleled shielding performance with light weight, which is always a big consideration in aerospace and automotive fields. Although our primary expertise in RF shielding and testing electronics for electromagnetic compatibility, we’d love to talk with you about any ideas you might have for new uses for our conductive textiles or our manufactured items.   Please come by Booth #813 and visit with us while you’re enjoying the Symposium!

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