Faraday Bags Secure Information, Protect your Privacy Now!

Faraday Bags Secure Information

Faraday Bags Secure Information, Protect your Privacy Now!

Faraday Bags Secure Information, Protect your Privacy Now!

Faraday Bags secure information, by blocking electronic access to it.  Today, much Digital information is transferred wirelessly between electronic devices by electromagnetic waves.  We love to have the quick, easy access to our information.   The problem is that thieves can also access this information.  The digital information that we are talking about is stored on the various electronic devices that are part of our lives in today’s world.  It can consist of bank account and credit card information, personal health information, global positioning information .  This information is also of interest to “digital criminals”.  They want this information for nefarious reasons, false credit card charges, illegal bank transfers, and identity theft.  It is very important to protect this information from electronic theft.

Faraday Bags secure information, Protect your privacy now.  Faraday Bags are made of lightweight conductive textiles.  These bags block the passage of electronic fields through their walls and into their confines.  This was first discovered by Michael Faraday in 1836.  The “Faraday Effect” protects many types of electronic devices from electric field disturbances.  These Faraday Bags come in many sizes to accommodate telephones, laptops, tablets, credit card sleeves, and key fob covers.  The devices can’t be accessed while they are “in the bag”.

Faraday Bags secure digital information by blocking access to it.  This information is also of interest to Law Enforcement in the prosecution of criminal cases.  In many criminal activities, the criminals are storing information on their personal devices.  Law Enforcement often seizes data storage devices for evidence of criminal activity during the execution of a search warrant.  This information can be financial records, child pornography, GPS information, that can prove a crime was committed.  The Law Enforcement Agencies must provide proof that the items seized were not tampered with while in their possession.  This includes wireless access by the criminal to alter or destroy electronic evidence.  The devices are placed in Forensic Faraday Bags while in transport and custody to protect the integrity of the digital evidence while in the “chain of custody” of Law Enforcement.

Faraday Bags secure information, Protect your privacy!  Shop our online store to choose the bag that fits your needs!  These Bags and Pouches can also be custom made to your specifications, contact us to find the security that your information needs!

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Faraday Bags Secure Information                                Faraday Bags Protect Information                         Faraday Bags

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