Conductive Textile’s role in Automotive Innovation!

Conductive Textile's role in Automotive Innovatiion!

Conductive Textile’s role in Automotive Innovation!

Conductive Textile’s role in Automotive Innovation!  Automobiles are becoming increasingly dependent on electronic devices.  Where you find electronic devices, you will often find conductive textiles.  The initial role for conductive textiles in automobiles was shielding the radio from RFI, allowing the radios to play music clearly.  Amazingly, one of the primary applications in the automotive industry is still electromagnetic interference (EMI) and Radio-frequency interference (RFI) shielding.  Due to ever the ever-increasing number of electronic components in vehicles, ensuring smooth operation of electronic communication and navigation systems is paramount.   These materials are flexible, lightweight, and highly adaptable in addition to being great shielding materials. These qualities enhance vehicle performance and passenger safety.

Conductive Textile’s role in Automotive Innovation!  Conductive textiles are excellent in steering wheel and seat heating systems, using resistance heating to ease the chill.  Heat spreads evenly over these surfaces, providing a comfortable and luxurious experience to the passengers and driver.  Resistance heating also comes into play with mirrors, windows and windshields, providing safety by rapidly defrosting these surfaces ensuring optimal visibility in tough weather conditions.  Conductive textiles also allow operation of the vehicle’s electrical systems (entertainment, environmental, and locks) using capacitive switches that respond to the electrical nature of the human body, allowing “touch activation and control” of these systems.

Conductive textiles are constantly improving the automotive landscape by addressing critical challenges while continuing to elevate vehicle functionality and safety.  As the automotive industry continues to push performance boundaries, the value of conductive textiles will continue to be more and more apparent.  Conductive textile’s role in in ushering in a new era of vehicle sophistication, comfort, and connectivity will be a leading one!

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Conductive Textiles help make Travelling Safe!   Conductive Textile's Role in Automotive Innovation!    Conductive Textile's role in Automotive Innovation!

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