Fly Me to the Moon….with the Least Amount of Interference Possible!

Fly Me to the Moon….with the Least Amount of Interference Possible!

NASA has announced that its next moonshot will be a joint public-private project called Next Space Technologies for Exploration Project (NextSTEP).  Eleven United States companies are being asked for help in designing the spacecraft systems that will facilitate the successful completion of this project. This project will culminate with the first woman and next man to walk on the moon arriving there in 2024.  A portion of their work will be funded by NASA, and the companies will be expected to contribute their own assets for a portion of their expenses.  Even if your company doesn’t have a contract with NASA, we here at V Technical Textiles, Inc. have worked with many aerospace companies, automobile companies, and the military in the area of Shielding, RFI and EMI Mitigation, along with designing Shielded Testing Enclosures for EMI/EMC testing and pre-compliance certification and would be happy to work with you in the same fashion for your products requiring certification.

The testing facilities for intricate and specialized electronic equipment of this variety are few and far between.  With the abundance of household, business, and personal devices being developed  and requiring testing and certification growing all of the time, the lead time for a testing appointment can be quite long and is increasing by leaps and bounds.  Considering this, along with the travel distance and additional expenses required to bring the equipment to the test site, now might be a great time to acquire a testing enclosure from V Technical Textiles, Inc., the industry leader in RFI and EMI testing enclosures, for your specific testing needs.  These enclosures will allow you to do your testing on your timeframe and at your facility.  The cost of our metalized fabric enclosures is considerably less than the cost of building a legacy brick and mortar testing structure, which will take up valuable floor space when not in use.  Our enclosures can be easily taken down when not in use, freeing up valuable space for other use when the enclosures are not in use for testing.

Our enclosures are flexible, lightweight, portable, and custom built to your design and needs.  Our engineering and design staff can design an excellent shielded enclosure to meet your unique testing requirements.  Nearly all of our enclosures are custom built to meet the customer’s needs.  Call us today and see how we can help you with your testing and shielding needs.

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