EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!

EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!

EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!

EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!  The Boy Scout Motto is “Be Prepared”.  That phrase is my cornerstone approach to everything!  Applying it first in grade school and continuing from that time forward, that phrase readies me for day-to-day life and my profession.  Likewise, my V Technical Textiles, Inc. experience confirms it works for every testing experience when applied wisely.  Electrical devices and components must pass EMC Final Compliance Testing prior to marketing them.  EMC Compliance Testing determines whether a device can work optimally in a shared electromagnetic environment, or whether it will allow other components to work without interfering with them.

EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!  Much like preparing in advance for events in school and life, EMC Final Compliance Testing preparation begins long before the actual test!  Commencing early in product development, Pre-Compliance EMC Testing improves the product during development.  This approach of stepwise testing assures basic EMC tenets are part of the device from the beginning.  Susceptibility testing determines if the device will function properly in the presence of accepted standards of EMI.  Emissions testing determines whether the device emits EMI at or below the acceptable standard.

EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!  The Immunity testing determines how the device will work in the presence of various “electromagnetic phenomena” that may possibly occur in its work environment.  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing detects EMC difficulties during development, allowing correction in your own facility prior to Final EMC Compliance Testing.  There are often several ways, including RF shielding, to correct these issues, to prepare the device for success during Final Compliance Testing.  If you would like to perform Pre-Compliance Testing in your own facility, VTT can help you start “preparing” your device for its final “Big Test”!

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EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!          EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared         EMC Final Compliance Testing-be Prepared!

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