Your own Test Lab-an RF Shielded Enclosure!

RF Shielded Enclosures-Ideal EMC Testing Environments!

Your own Test Lab-an RF Shielded Enclosure!

Your own Test Lab-an RF Shielded Enclosure!  Best practice suggests Pre-Compliance EMC Testing early and often in product development.  The problem is the time and money wasted accomplishing offsite testing!  The lead time for testing slows things down as well.  The ability to perform testing in your own facility would be great.  Many companies have faced this problem over the years.   VTT has designed and produced portable testing enclosures for many years.  These RF Shielded Enclosures provide the low ambient RF Environment necessary for testing.  The testing enclosures are fabricated using conductive metalized textiles.  The light weight allows the enclosure to be easily taken down and stored when not in use.  This frees precious space to be used for other purposes when testing is not being done.

Your own Test Lab-an RF Shielded Enclosure!  The EMC Testing Enclosures can be made in standard sizes.  Most of our enclosures are custom-made to customer’s specifications.  The testing process is more efficient when the enclosure design facilitates the task.  There are many ranges of RF Shielding Effectiveness available.  The range is dependent on the type of product being tested.  The enclosure size and configuration options are endless.  These are not “one enclosure fits all needs”, our enclosures are unique to your specific needs!

Your own Test Lab-an RF Shielded Enclosure!  Pre-Compliance EMC Testing, performed at your site saves time.  Compliance can be monitored at every step before proceeding forward.  This protects you from “backtracking”, working back several steps to find the faulty issue.  Typically, there are three tests performed on the device.

  1. Emission Testing-This test determines whether the Device Under Testing (DUT) is emits interference beyond acceptable limits.  If that is the case, emissions must be lowered to standard levels for the device to be in compliance.
  2. Susceptibility Testing– This test determines whether the device is adversely affected by RF within standard limits.  If the device is susceptible, the DUT will require a Shielding Solution to protect it from RF.
  3. Immunity Testing– This test determines whether the device susceptible to “electromagnetic phenomena”.  These tests involve subjecting the DUT to applied phenomena (ESD, Surge, Conducted, Radiated, EMF).  If it is susceptible, the DUT will require shielded/filtered connections to “immunize” it to the phenomena.

Your own Test Lab-an RF Shielded Enclosure!  Performing your own EMC Pre-Compliance testing simplifies product development.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. is the world’s Leader in Large Enclosure fabrication and installation.  If you are interested in using an RF Shielded Enclosure at your location, please call us.  Enclosure Rental/Lease is an option.  Try one, the value of doing your own EMC Testing in house will immediately become apparent!

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