RF Shielding-Block Unwanted Access!

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RF Shielding-Block Unwanted Access!

RF Shielding-Block Unwanted Access!  Our wireless devices store our private information.  We count on them to keep that information secure from unwanted access.  We are able to access our bank and credit card information and use it daily.  Businesses use their computers to store confidential information about their customers and trade secrets.  Sadly, there are hackers out there who would like to use this information in criminal ways!  It seems like we hear about data breaches daily or weekly on the news.  These data breaches occur when a digital device is accessed by wireless means.  Our private information is accessible if proper security measures are not in place.

RF Shielding-Block Unwanted Access!   There are many security measures available for protecting your device.  These include not using public WIFI, Virtual Public Networks (VPNs) for wireless access, and disabling auto-connect to WIFI networks.  Excellent virus and safe common-sense computer user procedures can help stop hacking.   One surefire way to block wireless access to your wireless devices is to block outside RF Access to your devices.  This is done by surrounding the device with an enclosure made of conductive/metal material, blocking/shielding wireless access to the device, protecting your data from unwanted access.

RF Shielding-Block Unwanted Access!  The scientific theory of this Shielding solution was developed by Michael Faraday in 1836!  This use of the Faraday Cage took over 170 years to arise!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. fabricates these special “Faraday Pouches and Enclosures” to protect the devices inside of them from being accessed by today’s cyber criminals.  The phone pouches and server rack enclosures are fabricated using lightweight conductive metalized textiles.  They are available in any sizes ranging from the smart key fob for your car, your phones, tablets, laptops, and large enough for the server room of your business depending on the size of the device that needs to be secured.  Please contact us for more information about these fine products for your business or personal use!

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RF Shielding-Bluck unwanted Access!!                         RF Shielding-Block unwanted Access!                        RF Shielding-Block unwanted Access!

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