RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility!

The Remarkable Evolution of EMC!

RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility!

RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility!  Everyone knows some people who are very talented at what they do, but they can’t work together!  The mere presence of the two of them in the same room ruins the work environment. The same thing is true of electronic components, electronic devices do jobs well.  When the components have to work in a shared electromagnetic environment, they have to be compatible.  With people, it’s their personalities that can make them incompatible, unable to work near each other.  Electronic devices all create electromagnetic fields as they operate, emitting RFI/EMI.  In a parallel to my human workers, sometimes the RFI/EMI emissions of one component can affect the ability of other components to work to their full potential.

RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility!  Every electronic component or device must pass Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing for emissions and susceptibility prior to marketing them.  There are applicable EMC standards RFI/EMI emissions and susceptibility to these emissions.  If the RFI/EMI emissions exceed the standards, the device requires changes to decrease the RFI/EMI that exceeds the standard and brings the component into compliance with the standard.  Similarly, if a device is unable to function to its potential in a “standard EMC environment”, correcting this issue is a must.

RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility!  Shielding materials block the passage of RFI and EMI.  Covering an emitter with shielding material stops the emissions.  Covering a susceptible device with shielding material blocks the RFI and EMI that are decreasing the device’s performance.  Conductive textiles are the RF engineer’s “Dream Shielding Material” as they are flexible, lightweight, and provide excellent RF Shielding properties.  Please call V Technical Textiles, Inc. for assistance in determining and fulfilling your shielding material needs!

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RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility!    RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility! RF Shielding creates Device Compatibility!

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