Digital Privacy-How do we Achieve it?

Digital Forensic Evidence-Handle with Care!

Digital Privacy-How do we Achieve it?

Digital Privacy-How do we Achieve it?  Undoubtably, today’s hackers are becoming more sophisticated.  The news brings stories daily about ransomware, security breaches, and identity theft.  How can we protect ourselves from these personal attacks?  Many of these crimes can be prevented logically.  Protecting electronic devices with updated antivirus programs is mandatory.  Common sense data security measures are important in daily situations.  These include not leaving a computer open when you leave the workspace, and not opening emails and links that you don’t recognize.  Passwords should be complex with multiple letters, characters, and symbols.  Hackers love unsecure WiFi systems and can use them to access private information.  Look into a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt your data and location.  Basically, don’t use a device in an “unsecure RF environment”.

Digital Privacy-How do we Achieve it?  “Hardwired” internet connections are the most secure connections.  Wireless connections are terrific for convenience but do allow access to and from your device.  The emphasis here is on access, if a device can’t be accessed it is private.  Consider carrying your wireless devices in an RF Shielded pouch when traveling.  RF Shielded pouches are fabricated using conductive metalized textiles.  Conductive textile pouches block wireless access to devices inside them.  They are available in all sizes, from key fob to laptop and beyond.  Businesses use computer rack covers made of the same conductive textiles as the pouches to protect their server racks from wireless tampering!

Digital Privacy RF Shielded Pouches

Digital Privacy-How do we Achieve it?  It seems that there is risk of hacking or data tampering everywhere.  Truthfully, the chance for privacy breaches exists nearly everywhere.  Digital devices make many tasks very convenient.  There is an element of risk for the convenience devices provide.  The never-ending game of cat and mouse goes on between criminals and law enforcement.  Most people are secure with common sense digital security measures.  Virus and Malware computer protection, a VPN, and an RF Shielded Pouch for carrying the device help to keep one digitally invisible.

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