Our Metalized Textiles are used in Making “Healthy Clothing” as well as “Smart Clothing”!

RF Shielded Garments Block RF Radiation!

Our Metalized Textiles are used in Making “Healthy Clothing” as well as “Smart Clothing”!

Most of the time, I use this forum to write about the uses of V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s metalized textiles in reference to manufacturing and shielding concerns about RF and EMI interference generated by electronic products.  Our shielding material helps to mitigate RF/EM interference by blocking its transmission into the tight environment of electronic products to abate the interference that they produce and, at the same time, stop the RF and EM interference produced by the neighboring components from interfering with normal operations of neighboring components and allow the components to function optimally together as a team, rather than working against each other.

We live in a world with more RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) than it has ever had before. There are natural sources of RFI such as solar flares (sun spots), lightning, the aurorae, and clouds.  RF Interference occurs from radio transmissions and power lines which have electric fields  around them.  Most RFI is caused by the ever expanding use of electronic devices that use radiofrequency to communicate, our telephones, cell phones, satellite transmissions, cell towers, WiFi, or electronic equipment that generates radiofrequency simply by operating. We are literally bathed in a “sea” of RFI and the sources of RFI are constantly increasing with no end in sight.  The most common harmful effects of RFI are temperature related and caused by the absorption of RFI which raises the temperature of the water in the body.  The symptoms that have been attributed to RFI are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Dizziness, insomnia, irritability, depression, anxiety, weakness, tremors, and dehydration. When looking at this list of possible symptoms for RFI related injuries, it is also possible to say that these symptoms could be caused by any number of systemic illnesses. A lot of the issue has to do with individual susceptibility to RFI related illness, as everyone is exposed to RFI, but not all people who are exposed to it, have any of the symptoms listed, meaning that they are currently unaffected by RFI/EMI.

A number of our textiles are used in “Healthy Clothing”.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has long been in the business of manufacturing clothing using its lines of textiles containing silver.  The presence of silver in wound dressing has long been known to reduce the bacteria count and fungus population at the wound site.  Clothing made with high silver content has been known to soothe minor skin irritations, and cause an “evening out” of the body temperature due to its thermal conductivity properties, helping to eliminate “hot spots” in the body by distributing the heat evenly over the material.

One of the other benefits of our silver containing clothing has been to protect the body of RF hypersensitive people by “shielding them” from the RFI and EMI that is present in our everyday environment in much the same way that electronic devices are shielded from ambient RFI by covering them with the same type of metalized material.  This “shielding clothing” can reduce the effects of RF in these people to a level of 35-40 dB over a frequency range of 900 MHz to 5GHz, resulting in a more than 99% reduction of RFI reaching the wearer.  There are Silverell®  Outerwear Garments:  Hoodies, pants, tank tops, long and short sleeved t-shirts, scarves, and hoods.  Base wear (Under Garments):  panties, boxers, briefs, long johns, and sleepwear.  We even have Socks:  dress, hunting, athletic, and toe socks!!  The list of “Healthy Clothing” made by our customers using metalized textile includes dress clothing, vests, suits, scrubs and lab coats for health professionals, purses for women and “pocket wraps” for men to protect them from cell phone radiation.   One of the companies that we supply with metalized textiles even makes Shielded Belly Bands to protect the unborn baby during development.

Extending this line of thinking to the home environment, some of the fabrics can even be laminated to walls as a wall covering and used as curtains, sheets, and bedcovers to give some RFI/EMI shielding protection inside your home!

For many of us with no symptoms, RF hypersensitivity is not a current health concern, but if your immune system is compromised or you become dehydrated or notice any of the symptoms listed above, you might want to consider lessening your exposure to RFI with some “Healthy Clothing”!

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