VTT-Experience, Expertise, Excellence and Service!

V Technical Textiles, Inc.

VTT-Experience, Expertise, Excellence and Service!

VTT-Experience, Expertise, Excellence and Service!  VTT has been in the conductive metalized textiles supply business for sixteen years.  We have a lot of experience, but VTT doesn’t just settle for that.  We strive for excellence, creating new products using these textiles and are constantly looking for ways to improve on them.  Our teams, from Research and Development, Design, Sales and Manufacturing are experts in their fields.  Most of our manufactured products are custom designed and manufactured to our customer’s specifications and needs, not just “one size fits all”.  This individualized customization assures that the product will perform to their expectations.  Excellence is always our goal at V Technical Textiles, Inc.

VTT-Experience, Expertise, Excellence and Service!  Expertise is a trait that comes with time and requires an open mind.  Once a product is designed and constructed, believe it or not, product development and improvements continue!  Constant evaluation of techniques and procedures to increase the quality of the product allow for future improvements.  Complacency stops improvement in its tracks, evaluation and trying new techniques define expertise!  Our customers expect excellence and innovation from V Technical Textiles, Inc.

VTT-Experience, Expertise, Excellence and Service!  VTT’s strongest point is our excellent customer service.  Starting at initial contact, count on service through product design, fabrication and after the sale!  Put us to the test by calling us regarding Shielding Materials, RF Shielded Testing Enclosures, RF Shielded Clothing, RF Blocking Security Pouches and Rack Covers.  We also have a great Research and Development team if you have a product concept that involves conductive textiles.  Research and Development can develop your concept from idea through prototype to final product and even to production!  Find out why Fortune 500 companies come to us!

V Technical Textiles, Inc.



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