Comfortable Wellness Garments, Feel Great in Style!

Silver Infused Wellness Garments Improve Health!

Comfortable Wellness Garments, Feel Great in Style!

Comfortable Wellness Garments, Feel Great in Style!  No doubt about it, winter is here!  We all like to be comfortable in the winter.  There is nothing like coming home from work and slipping into comfortable clothes.  The cold days and nights make us crave warmth.  Wellness Garments are both comfortable and stylish for lounging in.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. makes great garments for this season!  Most people feel that VTT is a science-based company.   In reality, VTT is a textile company that markets conductive fabrics.  Some of these textiles are used in clothing.  There is a scientific reason for their clothing’s comfortable feel.   The secret lies in Silver, the most conductive metal.  In cold weather, the silver in the fabric conducts the body’s heat evenly.  This even distribution of body heat eliminates “hot spots” and “cold spots”.   The blood keeps circulating smoothly, giving you energy when you feel tired, but still letting you relax.  Clothing made from these fabrics has a great feeling on the skin.

Comfortable Wellness Garments, Feel Great in Style!  Silver’s contribution to health doesn’t end with temperature control!  Silver has long been used for a soothing dressing for minor burns, cuts, and scrapes.  Silver also imparts odor resistance to the garment.  It also resists mold and mildew.  The Silver in the fabric shields the covered areas of the skin from RF Radiation!  RF radiation has been suspect in Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) for years.  These fabrics reduce RF Exposure averaging 35-40dB from 900MHz to 5 GHz.

Comfortable Wellness Garments, Feel Great in Style!  Mary Purvee has a great collection of styles at Shop VTT.  These include Capes, Scarves, Lounging Clothes, and Sweats.  If you are creative and like to DIY, the fabrics are also available at Shop VTT in Black, Natural, and Gray.  Visit us soon to be comfortable this winter!!

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