Winter’s Coming-Silverell® is Comfy!

Silver Infused Wellness Garments Improve Health!

Winter’s Coming-Silverell® is Comfy!

Winter’s Coming-Silverell® is Comfy!  It’s that time of the year again, Winter is coming and bringing a lot of coldness!  Clothing made of Silverell® Fabrics are very comfortable in this cold season.  Clothing from our Silverell® Line or made by you using Silverell® fabric contains Silver, the most conductive element.  The thermal conductivity of Silver creates a balanced temperature by distributing the body’s heat uniformly throughout the garment, eliminating “hot spots” and “cold spots”.  The garments are also soft and have a comfortable feel against the skin.  Silver is also soothing to skin irritations (scrapes, cuts, and burns) and reduces the swelling and itching caused by these irritations.  At the same time, these electrically conductive garments increase blood circulation, giving you energy when you feel tired yet keeping you relaxed.

Winter’s Coming-Silverell® is Comfy!  Not only is Silverell® Comfy, clothing from our Silverell® line of clothing is stylish as well.  Check out our garments ranging from hoodies, sweatpants, tops, scarves, capes, and hoods.  The conductive textiles in the Silverell® line also provide the wearer with RF Shielding in the range of 35-40dB from 900MHz-5GHz.  Amazingly, this number translates to a 99.99% reduction of RF radiation to the covered skin of the wearer.  Everyone is subject to natural exposure to RF radiation from the Earth’s Magnetic Fields, outer space and the sun, and the auroras.  In today’s “wireless world”, electronic devices cause more man-made exposure to RF than ever before.  The jury is still out on how much RF can cause disease or symptoms in humans.

Winter’s Coming-Silverell® is Comfy!  Our Silverell® line of clothing and fabric can keep you very comfortable in this chilly time of the year while providing some protection from RFI.  Whether you “DIY” or buy it finished, treat yourself to some comfort this winter!

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Silverell is Comfy        Winter's Coming-Silverell is Comfy!            Winter's Coming-Silverell is Comfy!            Silverell is Comfy!       Winter's Coming-Silverell is Comfy!

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