Pre-Compliance Testing- a Real Benefit!

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Pre-Compliance Testing- a Real Benefit!

Pre-Compliance Testing-a Real Benefit!  Preparation is the way to go when it comes to testing in general.  This is particularly true in the case of electronic products.  Starting with the prototype, it is smart to build Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) into any new product.  It is best practice to incorporate basic EMC into the design of the product and run Pre-Compliance EMC testing starting early in development.  Waiting until your product is completely built to start testing it is a folly.  I’m sure you’ve know the old adage “one step forward, two steps backward. Imagine how many steps backward will be necessary to finally correct EMC errors that are built into your product!

Pre-Compliance Testing-a Real Benefit!  The value of Pre-Compliance Testing comes in eliminating an EMC compliance issue before it becomes a large problem.  This Testing can be done at your own site with your own equipment instead of spending time and money ferrying your device back and forth to testing facilities, let alone the cost of the testing!  Testing is performed in an RF Shielded Enclosure that provides the ideal low ambient environment that is required for accurate determination of whether your device is emitting EMI/RFI that is above acceptable standards or is “susceptible” to acceptable standards, both issues requiring modifications.

Pre-Compliance Testing-a Real Benefit!  Discovering a problem early in product development and design is a good thing.  The Compliance issues mentioned above can be solved with using Shielding Solutions.  Proper RF shielding will block the release of emissions that exceed the standard or protect a “susceptible ” device from being affected by allowable emissions.  Designing a great product is hard enough, Pre-Compliance EMC Testing makes it easier.  Contact VTT and find out about Pre-Compliance Testing!

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Pre-Compliance Testing-a Real Benefit!      Best Practice-EMC Development During Development!     Pre-Compliance Testing-a Real Benefit!

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