Have EMC Testing Questions, VTT can Answer them!

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Have EMC Testing Questions, VTT can Answer them!

Have EMC Testing Questions, VTT can Answer them!  There are many types of EMC Testing Standards, issued mainly by these groups:  FCC (Federal Communications Commission), MIL Standards, EN (European Norm), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and CISPR (Comite International Special Des Perturbations Radio).  All of these groups have tests, test standards, and test methods.  These tests deal with emission of and susceptibility to RF.  Many products are exported to foreign countries and become subject to those standards.  Likewise, many foreign companies have goods that we import that have to meet our standards.

Have EMC Testing Questions, VTT can Answer them.  The ideal solution would be to come to agreement on “universal standards”.   We all know that isn’t likely to happen soon.  Producing a device that meets the strictest requirements in all areas would work.  VTT can design and create an RF Shielded testing enclosure that provides the low ambient RF environment necessary to perform the required EMC testing for your device.

EMC Testing Enclosure

EMC Testing usually involves three parts:

  1. Emissions– The type and amount of RF Emissions are subject to certain standards.  The device is run under normal conditions and the type of emissions are determined.  If the emissions are excessive compared to the standards, the device is determined an “emitter”.  The way of correcting this involves a shielding solution that blocks the unacceptable emissions from leaving the component.
  2. Susceptibility-The device must be able to operate normally in areas that contain acceptable RFI.  The device is placed in an RF Shielded Enclosure and subjected to “acceptable” RFI. If it can’t perform up to standards, the device is determined “susceptible”.   A shielding solution must be applied that blocks the unacceptable RFI from affecting the device’s performance.
  3. Immunity-The device is operated in the RF Shielded Enclosure and challenged with RF Radiation up to and beyond the acceptable standards.  If the device is unaffected in performance, it is deemed “immune” to acceptable RFI.

Using the results of these tests, necessary modifications are made to your device until it becomes EMC compliant.  These necessary modifications typically involve shielding solutions.  VTT has many conductive textiles that provide great shielding results.  Engineers love them due to their flexibility, thinness, and light weight!

Have EMC Testing Questions, VTT can answer them.  Please contact us to discuss your testing and shielding needs, and we can get you on your way to EMC Compliance!

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