Metalized Textiles Questions-VTT has the Answers!

Metalized Textiles Questions-VTT has the Answers!

Metalized Textiles Questions-VTT has the Answers!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest inventory of Metalized Textiles.  VTT is the marketing and sales arm of our German partner, Shieldex.  VTT prides itself in this strong relationship.  VTT has input into the design of these unique textiles.  Metalized Textiles were originally used in RF Shielding in automobiles.  Their primary use was to stop RF interference with electrical components.  In the last decade, uses for metalized textiles have grown exponentially.  The explosive growth of electronic devices presented many RF Shielding issues.  The light weight, conformability, and Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of conductive textiles made them engineering favorites.  The trend toward smaller devices, fuel efficiency, and more ambient RF made them shielding all-stars!  VTT’s quality metalized textiles have landed on Mars!

Metalized Textiles Questions-VTT has the Answers!  VTT also fabricates many EMC Testing products using conductive metalized textiles!  These include RF Shielded EMC Testing Enclosures, Pouches, and Shielded Curtains.  These are used in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Military sectors.  These amazing textiles are also used in Law Enforcement and Security applications.

Metalized Textiles Questions                 Metalized Textiles Questions                 

Metalized Textiles Questions-VTT has the Answers!  The medical field uses conductive textiles in many ways.  Sensors fabricated from them monitor patient’s vital signs.  Other uses include mattress pads that can detect when a patient has fallen out of bed.  They are also used in patient call buttons to summon help in an emergency.  These uses allow centralized telemetry monitoring stations, easing staffing issues.

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Metalized Textiles Questions-VTT has the Answers!  Metalized textiles are used in smart clothing.  Conductive yarns can be embroidered to act as “soft wires” in smart clothing circuits.  They’re much more comfortable and durable than metal wires!   They can act as patch antennas, facilitating communication and GPS functions.  Comfort factors include resistance heating, warming feet, hands, and body.  Wellness Clothing made with metalized yarns, shields the covered areas of the body from RF radiation.  This shielding effectiveness is considerable 35-40 dB/99.99% reduction in the 900 MHz-5GHz frequency range.

Embroidered Circuits Require Embroidery Thread Circuit

Metallized Textiles Questions-VTT has the Answers!  These are some of the answers to the Question “What are metalized textiles used for?”.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about conductive textiles.  Together, we can select the right textile for your need!  Our partnership with Shieldex gives us Global Reach without significant supply chain issues, making it easy to ship to anywhere in the world!

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