Options in Testing Enclosures-VTT has Plenty!

Options in Testing Enclosures

Options in Testing Enclosures-VTT has Plenty!

Options in Testing Enclosures-VTT has Plenty!  Our EMC testing enclosures are not one offs!  Enclosures are like homes, unique features are necessary to fit the buyer’s individual needs!  Size is a great place to start in Enclosure design.  The larger the product being tested, the larger the enclosure has to be.  I’m sure you’ve heard that big isn’t always better.  VTT can provide the 3 Dimensional pouch, a compact test enclosure for small objects.  On the other hand, VTT is the single largest manufacturer of large enclosures.  RF Shielded Testing Enclosures are our core product and one size does NOT fit all!  VTT can design and install an enclosure that matches your testing needs.

Options in Testing Enclosures-VTT has Plenty!  Multiple options exist for supporting/suspending the enclosures.  Pipe Frames, EZ Up Style, and ceiling suspension provide excellent options.  Conductive removable floors maintain excellent shielding using floor weights.  Multiple door systems allow placement and removal of large items from the enclosure.

Options in Testing Enclosures-VTT has Plenty!   The low ambient environment of the enclosure is very important.  This is managed by the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of the conductive fabrics used in construction of the enclosures.  VTT has the world’s largest inventory of conductive textiles.  We provide the proper textile and layering to optimize the testing environment.  Additional absorbers can assist in providing the right electromagnetic environment for testing.  The right options in a testing enclosure can make testing easier.  Ventilation  often makes a pleasant difference in the workspace.  Choices include air conditioning, fan driven intake and exhaust, and honeycomb ventilation.  Space management is often accomplished by dividing with RF Shielded curtains.  Some of our enclosures have entry foyers.  Safety lighting using LED lighting makes navigating the workspace easier and safer.

Options in Testing Enclosures-VTT has Plenty.  Input and Output of testing signals is accomplished through shielded sleeves.  Removable bulkheads allow many types of connectors to be used during the testing process.  Finally, RF Filtered Power enters the enclosure via a grounded Power Filter Box.   Obviously, there are many other options for an RF Shielded Enclosure.  Our engineers stand ready to design your RF Shielded Enclosure.  Contact us regarding your testing enclosure needs.  When your enclosure is complete, you will understand why so many Fortune 500 companies use our enclosures!

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Options in Testing Enclosures    Options in Testing Enclosures    Options in Testing Enclosures    Options in Testing Enclosures     Options in Testing Enclosures

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