Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT’s Role!

Conductive Textiles in Autonomous Vehicle Testing!

Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT’s Role!

Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT’s Role!  VTT’s prominent role in automotive EMC testing is well known.  Autonomous Vehicles are loaded with complex electronic devices!   All of the electronic systems must work together in a small shared electronic environment.  EMC testing is what VTT has been known for over the years!  VTT’s RF Shielded EMC Testing enclosures have provided the perfect environment for EMC Automotive testing for many years!

Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT’s Role!  Autonomous vehicles require reliable and robust computer systems and sensors.  Elaborate redundancy and backup systems abound in Autonomous Vehicles.  Lidar, Radar, GPS, and Camera systems must be integrated to prevent accidents.   Obviously, the testing involves special courses and conditions that Autonomous Vehicles will encounter in the real world.  These proving grounds can involve multiple lane roads, Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), vehicles, buildings, and hazard scenarios.   Moshon Data, Ltd manufactures many types of these targets.  The systems tested are Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Active Cruise Control (ACC), and other Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).  Fortunately, scenarios are designed so that the vehicles and Drivers won’t be badly damaged in the event of system failures.


Vulnerable Road Users    Automatic Emergency Braking    Village Targets

Pictures Courtesy of Moshon Data Ltd.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT’s Role!  Earlier, I mentioned VTT’s role in Autonomous Vehicle EMC Testing.  A critical system in the Autonomous Vehicle is the Global Positioning System (GPS) system.  GPS uses a network of 31 satellites and uses the distance from four of those satellites to be able to accurately calculate vehicle position within 7 meters.  GPS Satellites communicate using relatively weak radio waves.  Tree canopies and trunks can interfere with the accuracy of GPS.  Earth and metal effectively stop radio waves, explaining the loss of GPS signals when going through tunnels under mountains or rivers.   One of the Autonomous vehicle testing scenarios is the use of conductive metalized textile “tunnels” so that GPS doesn’t work in the Autonomous Vehicles.  This would help in determining what type of backup system is best for loss of GPS signals.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT’s Role!  Autonomous Vehicles require many safety features to assure that they will perform safely.  Autonomous Vehicles will be carrying precious cargo!  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest inventory of metalized textiles.  Contact us and we’ll help you find the ones that are correct for your application!

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Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT's Role!                                                               Autonomous Vehicle Testing-VTT's Role!

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