Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles-Testing Galore!

Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles

Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles-Testing Galore!

Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles-Testing Galore!  Many of us feel that machines can’t replace people.  This is especially true of the automotive driver seat!  People do not want to put their lives in the hands of a machine.  We’ve all dislike back seat drivers, but the thought of no driver is even scarier!  The reality of Partially Autonomous/Driver-Assisted vehicles is here.  Many cars already have AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) systems.  My car has LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) and it’s two years old!  I ALWAYS have it turned off, though I’ve used it a few times.  LKA keeps its “eyes” on the lines and edges of the road that delineate the lanes.  If I depart from my lane, I feel a gentle “tug” on the steering wheel, forcing me back to the middle of my lane.  It gives me an eerie flashback to “Driver Education Class” in High School!  My Driver’s Ed teacher wouldn’t hesitate to grab the steering wheel, or, worse yet, jam on his brake, overriding my control of the car.  The brake scenario I just gave you is just what an AEB system does when vehicle sensors determine a collision is imminent.  The absolute truth be told, these systems have already saved many lives!

Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles-Testing Galore!  New cars are constantly being tested for their ability to monitor road conditions.  Actually, well designed scenario tests exist for varied emergency situations.  Various alert detection systems, lidar, radar, and cameras work together.  The computer system in Autonomous/Driver-Assisted vehicles is very robust.  This “redundancy”, including multiple different danger detection sensors for each system, helps the vehicle “assist” the driver in dangerous conditions.  Vehicles are tested at centers like ZalaZone Proving Grounds in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.  These tests involve Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), these are “targets” on mobile platforms that test vehicle reaction time to surprise events.  There are also mock city zones which have varied road layouts with lane markings and traffic signs.  There is even a 1.5 km long autonomous driving and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System testing section!  At this time the SAE recognizes six levels of autonomous driving from 0-5.  At this point we are at level 2, which is partial driving automation.  It is quite a technological leap to the next levels.  Who knows when we will reach level 5??

Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Cars-Testing Galore!  With all of the electronic devices present in Autonomous/Driver-Assisted cars, proper shielding and EMC is certainly a big priority.  V Technical Textiles, Inc. has the world’s largest standing inventory of conductive textiles.  These textiles are used in shielding applications to assure that the many electronic devices in an ADAS vehicle can work together well in a shared electromagnetic environment.  Their light weight is also contributing to fuel/electrical energy conservation.

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Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles       Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles      Autonomous/Driver-Assisted Vehicles

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