Standards are necessary for EMC!

EMC Standards are Necessary

Standards are necessary for EMC!

Standards are necessary for EMC!  Electronic devices working in a shared electronic environment must be able to perform optimally in that environment.  In order for this to happen, the shared environment must meet certain “standards”.  Imagine expecting a human being able to live in an environment without oxygen.  It’s NOT going to happen!  Similarly, electronic devices require an environment with limited range of RFI frequency emissions.  RFI above a certain “standard level” will hinder a device’s performance.  A “standard limit” of allowed RFI emissions must be set for all devices in the environment.  Accordingly, all devices in the environment must function optimally at or below the allowed RFI “standard”.   This situation results in a “compatible shared electronic environment”, with all devices able to perform optimally.

Standards are necessary for EMC!  All devices can’t always work in the environment without shielding, but RFI Shielding solutions can correct this issue.  RFI Shielding can block the RFI from affecting the device’s performance.  In the same fashion, some of the devices would naturally emit RFI above the ” allowed standard”.  This emission can be mitigated by a different RFI Shielding solution. This solution involves blocking device emissions above the standard.  These different solutions allow two non-compatible devices to overcome their EMC differences and work together efficiently.  Obviously, “Compatible devices” will work together smoothly, that’s why standards are necessary!

Standards are necessary for EMC!  Every electronic device must pass EMC Compliance testing before it can be marketed.  Frequent Pre-Compliance Testing during product development is highly recommended! EMC Testing early and often allows EMC problems to be identified and mitigated while development is in progress.  Pre-Compliance Testing can be done easily in your own facility, simultaneously preparing your device for Final EMC Compliance Testing as it is being developed!  Meet EMC Standards using VTT’s Testing Enclosures for Pre-Compliance EMC Testing and our conductive textiles for your shielding needs!

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